Woodstock Kids videos

During this time of social distancing, our Children's Coordinator has decided to record video lessons that can be shared with our community! There will be a new video each week with an activity, a lesson, and a chance to learn more about God's word.  We hope that these are helpful and engaging for your kids, and we hope to meet in person again soon!


Jacob's New Name

This story focuses on Jacob receiving his new name of Israel.  

Genesis 32.


Joseph Sent to Egypt

We begin the story of one of Jacob's sons, Joseph, how he came to be in Egypt, and how God used him there.

Genesis 37.


Joseph's Dreams Come True

Now that Joseph is in Egypt, God begins to use him to tell others what their dreams mean and what will happen to them.

Genesis 40 - 41.


Moses Was Born and Called

We begin the story of Moses, what happened to him and the Israelites when he was born, and what God called him to do.

Exodus 1 - 3.


The Plagues, the Passover, and the Crossing of the Red Sea

Moses is now in Egypt, following God's command.  We learn how God used Moses to free the Israelites from Egypt.

Exodus 4 - 13.


The Wilderness Test

Now that the Israelites are free from Egypt, we learn what happened to them in the wilderness.

Exodus 14 - 19.


The Golden Calf

We learn how the Israelites have turned away from God while Moses is on Mt. Sinai.

Exodus 32.


The Ten Commandments: Love God

Moses comes back with the Ten Commandments.  Here, we learn about the first 4, which teach us how to love God.

Exodus 20.


The Ten Commandments: Love Others

We learn about commandments 5 - 10, which teach us how to love others.

Exodus 20.


The Tabernacle Was Built

God also gives instructions for the first ever house of God: the tabernacle.  Here we learn about how it was built.

Exodus 26 & 35.


Coming Soon

This video will be available June 28th.


Coming Soon

This video will be available July 5th.